Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Friends in Kenya

Hi Students! Thank you for your wonderful messages. I was so happy to read them!

I wanted to show you some photos of our friends in Kenya. The lady with no hair is Sara. She is the manager of a center for boys. The boys can stay at the center if they live on the streets and have no place to stay. We met some of the boys in 2007 and visited them on Monday.

You can also see pictures of the boys. They showed us where they stay and where they sleep. Sara gave us a Kenya drink that the boys usually have for breakfast.

You can see us giving the boys some boxes of clothes. It is used clothing, like at the Alley Shoppe. They don't have money to buy clothes.

In the group photos you can see our friends. In one picture I am next to Wandera. She is the woman with the nice smile. She is standing between me and Andreas.

In another picture you can see our friend Ombok. He is kneeling by me in the front.

Wandera and Ombok are married. They are working very hard for people to have a better life in Kenya. Many people in Kenya don't have enough money for food, water, housing, or health care.

You can also see pictures of some kids dancing. They are a church youth group. They are part of Ombok and Wandera's church.

It is sad that so many people have a difficult life here. It is nice to meet them though and they are so friendly.

Below, you can see pictures of animals in Kenya.

Below that you can see pictures of Isili. Isili is the Somalian part of Nairobi.

I think of you all every day! Please keep writing to me.


Teacher Jen


Anonymous said...

Teacher jen.
Hello,How are you doing today?
When you live in kenya,When you mat
With them How did you feel? I saw picture in computer I very Happy.
I want to say teacher teacher I will miss you always with teacher Andrea with her boy friend.
God bless you always from your life.thank you, from Beh htoo.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jen;Hello How is everything?I hope your are well when you recieve my second'r picture is very interesting,I'll visit you tommorrow as soon as in my mind.if you have free time Ihope you will vissit me in your mind too.I have a good new to you,a bout Paw Say get a job and she said she miss you too.I hope you will cameback as soon as because some student will get a job if you late you will loose your student,thank from Yellow Star

Anonymous said...

Hello. Teacher jen
How are you? Hope you are doing well. It's nice to see your picture with your friends and also the picture of beautiful animals. Could you please send us more the picrure about Kenya.

Best wishes