Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On the way!

Hello Students! I love you and miss you already. I'll be thinking of you every day and putting pictures on the blog as often as possible. I am excited to share a little of Kenya with you.

Here is a picture of downtown Nairobi.

I will stay at a hotel a little outside of downtown. It's called Shalom House. Here are two pictures of Shalom House:

Shalom House gives the money from the hotel to a school. The school is for kids who don't have good families. They used to live on the street but now the live at the school. They can choose to get a diploma, or they can study a trade. A trade is something like fixing cars or making tools.

Remember to visit me here! I will read every message that you write. I will feel happy reading your messages. I am already excited to see you all when I get back to school on September 9.

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